Leveraging HCCs for Quantifiable Financial Results

Originally Presented on October 26, 2022 1:00 PM ET (NYC)

HCCs aren’t just about Quality or Value-Based Care

Financial opportunities related to HCC patients are often overlooked or thought of as being for Value-Based Care (VBC) only. However, there are numerous opportunities for organizations operating under Fee-for-Service or VBC to grow the bottom line while improving the quality of care for HCC patients.

This webinar explores the value of managing the care of HCC patients from a financial perspective. We’ll discuss the importance of accurate HCC data for your patient population and how it presents significant reimbursement opportunities when the data is used to focus efforts on HCC patient outreach for annual wellness visits as well as appointments that actively monitor identified chronic conditions.

Learn how practices can leverage analytics with not only their EHR data but their claims data to proactively identify gaps in HCCs and risk adjustment scores, as well as how to use HCC risk scores to stratify the population, improve quality, and grow the bottom line.

Webinar topics include:

  • Leveraging HCCs as a financial tool, as well as a quality measure
  • Identifying gaps in continuity of care and providing outreach to high-risk patients
  • Developing strategies to ensure that patients are scheduling wellness visits, diagnosed annually, and coded correctly for chronic conditions
  • Managing proactively on HCCs, not reactively
  • Reconciling HCC scores ahead in preparation for value-based contracts

Hosted by Scott Everitt, Vice President of Healthcare Solutions at Practical Data Solutions, and Kelly Constantinetis, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst.

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