Data-Driven Analytics – Enhancing Denial Recovery (Part 2)

Originally Presented on September 27, 2023 12:00 PM ET (NYC)

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As issues affecting medical practices become more and more complex, the spotlight is on data-driven solutions, and the prevention and recovery of denied claims have emerged as an essential focus. Fortunately, denials is an area where data-driven organizations are finding immense success, thanks to thorough analysis and strategic implementations.

This webinar will showcase how turning to – and building trust with – an efficient analytics platform, coupled with the use of targeted visualizations, can strongly support a practice’s revenue integrity efforts surrounding denials. We’ll explore how to analyze denials more effectively, identify root causes, assess complications, and understand the associated costs resulting from the heavy impact denials have on practice volumes, reimbursement, and cash flow.

Learn how your team can develop data-driven strategies to track denial patterns, gain insights into post-denial transactional activity, and establish a measurable appeals process that yields significant financial benefits for your practice.

What You’ll Learn:

• Analytics techniques that reveal denied claim patterns and hidden improvement opportunities
• How to implement actionable, data-driven strategies to prevent denials and recover lost revenue
• The latest features, tools, and technologies facilitating easier denials data analysis and recovery
• Through real-world case studies, see how other healthcare organizations have utilized data-driven approaches to successfully reduce denials and increase revenue

Who Should Attend:

Healthcare executives, practice managers, billing and revenue cycle professionals, and those eager to harness data analytics to enhance denial recovery.

Join us on September 27, 2023, at 12 PM Eastern time, for this highly educational webinar that explores how to couple a trusted analytics platform with proven data-driven strategies for successful denial recovery.

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