At PDS, we have one simple goal –
to enable clients to use data to improve
performance and achieve ROI.

Reporting Productivity Tools

Certain types of healthcare reporting still require time-consuming, labor-intensive manual processes that diminish productivity. And simply put, lost production costs money while automating manual tasks with technology saves money. With over 20 years of experience working with healthcare data, PDS has developed innovative technologies used to boost the productivity of reporting analysts.  


PDS DASH is a software application specifically tailored for today’s healthcare environment. It lets you quickly create highly graphical dashboards; access, integrate and analyze data across various reporting tools; and combine data from multiple sources “on the fly” to drive more productivity. Data can be tailored to your organization’s requirements, and dashboards can be easily updated and enhanced as many times as needed. The result: automated reporting that reduces the costs of manual processes while improving organizational transparency.

PDS Distributor

PDS Distributor is designed to selectively distribute dashboards and reports quickly and easily. Just set your preferences for report recipients and distribution method, and PDS Distributor will deliver the right information to the right people efficiently and effectively – at whatever frequency you choose via email, network folders or both.

PDS Portal

Portal is a browser-based portal that enables organizations to provide a centralized view of reports. Coupled with your existing decision support tools or with PDS’ data warehouse, Portal offers an immediate, efficient and cost-effective method of disseminating reports to providers, management or anyone in the organization.

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