At PDS, we have one simple goal –
to enable clients to use data to improve
performance and achieve ROI.

Population Risk Acuity

ACOs must achieve the right balance between managing revenue capture, reducing clinical costs and improving the quality of patient care. But that’s not always easy. In fact, you may think you’re doing all the right things when it comes to reporting, only to discover significant financial gaps that are costing you money and preventing you from getting the reimbursement you expected.

PDS Population Risk Acuity helps you make sense of your data, identifying the gaps in your current programs. Three modules work together seamlessly to ensure you’re maximizing the financial return on your ACO contracts and clinical improvement efforts:

PDS HCC Performance Audit Analytics – Highlight the performance gaps with the most significant financial impact to maximize reimbursement of your HCC contracts, using three years of historic data or updating quarterly, according to your financial needs.

PDS HCC Contracting Audit – Gain a better understanding of the severity of your patients’ diseases to ensure you’re reporting correctly based on actual data, not just payer-provided information. Includes both Claims and EHR Diagnosis.

PDS HCC Payer Audit – Compare your submitted scores to the payer’s scores to identify any gaps that may impact your bottom line and to ensure you’re being paid appropriately.

With no investment in special software, PDS puts the information you need at your fingertips so you can understand current populations and care gaps; focus your organizational needs through analytics, reports and dashboards; and get timely payer information to measure actual performance.

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