At PDS, we have one simple goal –
to enable clients to use data to improve
performance and achieve ROI.

Data Modeling

PDS Foundation provides healthcare organizations with a proven data model, featuring an optimized star schema structure delivered from the raw detail data of disparate sources, including:

  • Revenue Cycle
  • Patient Access / Scheduling
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Clinical Registry
  • General Ledger
  • Benchmarks
  • Patient Satisfaction

Best-practice data staging offered through PDS Foundation enables the development of healthcare industry-proven data marts, tuned to meet an organization’s unique analysis and reporting requirements. 

PDS Foundation is designed for a variety of organizational uses, including:

  • Implementation of your organization’s preferred BI software platform on proven data marts and streamlined best practices
  • Providing the staged data building blocks for quick transfer and load to your Enterprise Data Warehouse initiative
  • Delivering the PDS best-practice suite of analytics, dashboards and reporting tools

Top 5 Problems with Today’s Healthcare Application Reporting

  1. Reporting is only relevant to the specific application and is not designed to merge with other disparate application data.
  2. Generating reports from a “live” application database is resource-intensive on the source system, and reporting performance is either sluggish or it hinders the performance of the source system — often both.
  3. Application vendors offering a reporting or ETL server take shortcuts, and most use the same database structure as the source system.
  4. Many healthcare organizations have unique analysis and reporting requirements, but application vendors develop standard reports that can’t be customized and do not meet an organization’s specific needs.
  5. Because of these unique analysis and reporting requirements, analysts often spend countless hours manually massaging data to make reports user-friendly for information consumers in the organization

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