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Episode 6

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Join Nicholas Rodrigues, Sales Manager, as he explores key practice metrics critical to understanding the patient experience.

Learn how PDS can help you with this metric or other healthcare analytics needs. For more information about the metric of the week, or if you would like to see this metric in a PDS dashboard, contact solutions@pds-online.com | 203-262-9224.

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Episode 5

LISTEN NOW | 1.5min

Russell Hendrickson, CEO, explores how to fill unused capacity using a best-practice metric that can help providers see more patients and improve the quality of care.

Episode 4


Proactively manage patient chronic conditions leveraging data sourced in your practice, presented by Kelly Constantinetis, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst.

Episode 3


Scott Everitt, VP of Healthcare Solutions, discusses why assessing the efficiency of provider scheduling utilization is crucial for effective practice management.

Episode 2

LISTEN NOW | 2.5min

Join Russell Hendrickson, CEO, as he explores how pursuing recoverable denials can positively affect your bottom line.

Episode 1


Russell Hendrickson, CEO, explores the need to analyze patient wait times and its ramification on patient experience.