PDS Physician Compensation Analytics and dashboards are designed to communicate productivity, performance, and quality-based compensation plans and calculations specific to your organization’s compensation model. Leveraging proven methodologies with state-of-the-art automation software, care providers have access to simple, visual, easy-to-understand insights into their personal performance against the required metrics and KPIs that impact how they are compensated.

At a glance:

  • Automate and communicate productivity, performance, and quality-based compensation plans on engaging dashboards
  • Model the impact of behavior change/productivity increases on each provider’s salary and bonus based upon plan specifics
  • Project year/period-end compensation for accrual of bonuses and budgeting
  • Model multiple compensation plans and compare salary and productivity metrics for groups of providers

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With over 20 years of experience working with healthcare data, we offer analytics solutions built on our proven data models, blending data from various sources to gain insights that support continual performance and bottom-line improvement. We support your data telling the complete story around your specific business area of focus.

Learn more about analytics areas that would most benefit your organization’s success

Healthcare Operational Analytics

Operations-focused solutions designed for use with your organization’s preferred analytics software platform or integrated into your Enterprise Data Warehouse initiative.

Healthcare Financial Analytics

We help clients leverage analytics to achieve significant financial gains through volume and productivity improvement, reimbursement increases, cashflow enhancements, and denial recoveries.

Clinical & Quality Analytics

Use fine-tuned analytics to understand the needs of various patient populations against your organization’s best practice clinical standards.