Is Data Driving Your Ophthalmology Practice?

Specialties like Ophthalmology have unique needs that require specific analytics and reporting for success. Practical Data Solutions (PDS) is a proven healthcare analytics company that can help unlock the power of your existing data by providing enhanced analytical solutions tailored to your Ophthalmology group’s definitions and key metrics.

Practices nationwide are utilizing PDS to analyze data, automate and enhance their manual reporting processes, help identify reimbursement gaps, and improve financial, operational, and quality performance.

PDS Ophthalmology Analytics can help your practice:

  • Gain insight into provider schedules to accommodate more patients
  • Understand patterns in payments, denials, and reimbursements from insurance and patients
  • Target marketing efforts for clinical, elective, and retail services
  • Improve practice operations in patient access, revenue cycle, productivity, provider compensation, and patient satisfaction

Case Study:

The Power of Analytics for Ophthalmology

PDS analytics and reporting can help your Ophthalmology group to:

  • Gain insight into patient access and improve appointment lags for urgent patients
  • Visualize provider utilization mix between exams, procedures, and surgeries to optimize use of physician extenders
  • Understand the demand for cosmetic services for strategic planning and marketing efforts
  • Break down sales of retail products
  • Analyze denials by payer for non-covered services

Leverage PDS Ophthalmology Analytics to help take your practice to the next level. Connect with PDS to discuss how to transform your group into a more successful, data-driven practice.