Your Patient Access process has a direct impact on quality of care, patient satisfaction, and operational as well as financial efficiency. PDS Patient Access insights can help you understand sessions, wait times, bottlenecks, patient demand, and operational limitations.

At a glance:

  • Understanding current availability and capacity
  • Analyzing provider reschedules and bumps
  • Monitoring daily patient demand
  • Quantifying lost appointments
  • Comparing and benchmarking utilization
  • Managing patient perception of access


PDS HCC Revenue Capture helps organizations ensure proper payment of the quality incentives from payers for management of patient HCCs. Commercial and Medicare contracts rely on Hierarchical Condition Coding Risk Scoring to determine incentive payments and fee schedule increases. PDS HCC Revenue Capture provides the accurate, timely analytics needed to optimize payer reimbursement and reduce gaps in clinical performance for patients with HCCs.

At a glance:

  • Identify care gaps for increased revenue
  • Analyze Patient Populations
  • Ensure timely well-care and chronic care follow up
  • Understand Risk Scores by payer and provider
  • Provide timely information to reconcile insurance data
  • Maximize bottom-line reimbursement


PDS Patient Survey Analytics supports measuring, publishing, and highlighting patient satisfaction survey scores to monitor quality and the impact your practice’s processes have on the patient experience. The solution delivers focused reports and visual dashboards using data from patient surveys such as Press Ganey™, CAHPS, payer, or other sources, to identify outliers and monitor trends to improve the overall patient experience.

PDS Patient Survey Analytics integrates with other PDS modules to blend productivity, quality, and operational KPIs with survey data for drill-to-detail reporting that correlates survey results with staff productivity and patient access.

At a glance:

  • Delivers modeled data with actionable reporting to gain a deeper understanding of the patients’ perception of care
  • Leverages factual analysis to help shape strategic planning and goal setting
  • Integrates patient satisfaction data with quality, financial, and operational data to tell the whole story
  • Understand the relationship between patient experience, outcomes, and employee engagement to drive performance initiatives


Admission, Discharge, and Transfer reporting is essential to understanding patient care in the hospital. PDS Facility ADT provides detailed census information that helps managers analyze bed utilization, patient throughput, and capacity delivered with simple point-and-click functionality with full access to detail. Stop struggling with incomplete patient-care data and move forward with proven hospital-focused analytics.

At a glance:

  • Understand demand and capacity
  • Daily census statistics & length of stay
  • Admit and transfer sources
  • Bed utilization & patient flow
  • Manage chronic patients
  • Discharge analysis & readmission tracking

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