July Webinar! Standardizing Healthcare Metrics for Success

Posted on July 11, 2023

In this webinar, we’ll explore the critical role of standardizing business definitions and metric calculations in driving performance improvements across financial, operational, and clinical domains. Drawing on real-world case studies surrounding the calculations of metrics like visits, bad debt, AR valuation, and denials, we’ll also highlight the value of a strong governance team and discuss strategies for adapting to changes in the fast-paced healthcare landscape. From setting achievable goals to tracking progress with key metrics, this webinar will provide a roadmap for initiating your standardization journey, navigating change challenges, and ensuring success.

Key topics will include:

  • Why standardizing metrics supports the growing need for flexibility in healthcare reporting
  • Identifying metrics and data definitions in need of standardization across the organization
  • Standardization best practices when working with multiple systems
  • How to quantify success when delivering analytics and reporting

Join us on Wednesday, July 26, 2023, at 1pm ET (NYC) when Kim McDaniel, Senior Consultant at LDR Services LLC, and Russell Hendrickson, CEO of Practical Data Solutions, present this informative webinar.


Russell J. Hendrickson is the President & CEO of Practical Data Solutions. With 25+ years of management and healthcare experience, his focus is helping healthcare organizations strategize to expand their use of analytics, visualizations, and enterprise data warehousing. His innovative solutions help drive organizational success while solving complex problems related to the business of healthcare.

Kim McDaniel is a highly experienced Senior Consultant at LDR Services LLC., leveraging her extensive 25-year background in financial and leadership roles at Catholic Health Initiatives / CommonSpirit Health. Her unique background combines patient care experience with analytical and financial expertise across various healthcare settings, from hospitals to clinics to ambulatory care, in both small and large healthcare settings. She offers specialized knowledge in standardization, communication, and reporting spanning financial, operational, and clinical domains. Kim earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business, a Master’s degree in Healthcare and Finance, and holds Certified Professional Coding designations.

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