Reanalyzing Payer Contracts in Today’s Healthcare Landscape

Posted on September 22, 2021

In 2021, CMS made significant modifications to RVU calculations and how certain telehealth codes are reimbursed. There are two critical questions regarding these changes that practices need to examine to ensure optimum reimbursement – is CMS reimbursing the practice accurately, and are commercial payers reimbursing services appropriately?

In this webinar, PDS will uncover how payer contract data modeling, along with the use of visual analytics, can help practices precisely understand how payers are reimbursing for key procedures – now, and in the future.

Key topics in this webinar include:

  • Analyzing payer trends year-to-year
  • Calculating Key Payer Performance Metrics
  • Utilizing commercial payer benchmarking to ensure fair market value for services
  • Determining whether commercial payers are reimbursing accurately
  • Modeling proposed fee schedules for impact against current fee schedules

Originally presented on September 22, 2021. WATCH ON YOUTUBE

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