Posted on February 22, 2024

PDS experts will present, Aligning Practice and Physician Incentives in New Compensation Plans on Tuesday, March 12, from 12:55 PM – 1:45 PM EST. The MGMA speaking session will be led by Russell Hendrickson, CEO, and Scott Everitt, MBA, VP of Healthcare Solutions at Practical Data Solutions.

SESSION DESCRIPTION: A fundamental shift in physician compensation is beginning to take shape as more and more practices are looking at the impact of value-based care models. Practices today need innovative, data-driven strategies that align provider incentives for continued productivity along with evolving value-focused objectives that balance quality, patient risk, and cost containment goals. In this session, the speakers will discuss forthcoming value-based reimbursement methodologies and how practices can provide the right data to providers to support maintaining high levels of productivity while maximizing both provider compensation and practice revenue.

The speakers will share best practices for gaining acceptance from providers when compensation plans need to change. The session will cover practical ways to approach modeling new compensation plans well ahead of the go-live and how to support providers in self-adjusting to earn at the compensation level they desire. Attendees will walk away with leading-edge, data-driven tactics to help their practices systematically prepare for compensation plan migrations that maintain productivity and provider satisfaction while keeping the practice in a position of financial strength.

Learning Objectives
• Understand value-based care models and how they can impact practice patterns and reimbursement – even for practices not currently transitioning to VBC contracts
• Learn about emerging value-based provider compensation models and strategies for migrating from current volume-based models
• Gain proficiency in applying data-driven techniques that maintain provider productivity while also keeping a focus on quality and costs
To attend this session,

To attend this session, you must register for the 2024 MGMA Summit.

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