PDS Success at MicroStrategy World 2024 Healthcare Panel

Posted on May 7, 2024

The MicroStrategy World 2024 panel Embedded Healthcare with Premier, Practical Data Solutions, Stony Brook, & Personify Health was a great success. Attendees gained practical insights on how to strategically embed MicroStrategy into their healthcare platforms, ensuring reliable and secure technology for seamless workflows. The panelists also shared firsthand experiences, success stories, and the pivotal role of analytics in transforming healthcare operations to better leverage technology for improved patient care and outcomes.

Picture 1: Appearing Left to Right: Lauren Bostic, Senior Sales Engineer at MicroStrategy, Jason Smith, Senior Director of Data Systems & Reporting at Personify Health, Russell Hendrickson, CEO of Practical Data Solutions, Miguel Barrientos, Principal Software Architect at Premier and Ronald Lettieri, Associate Director of Finance and Analytics at Stony Brook Medicine.

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