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Getting Answers Quickly

By Russell Hendrickson, President & CEO

When we started our business 20 years ago, the buzz word was decision support. Over the years, other buzz words have come and gone – data marts, data warehousing, business intelligence, dashboarding, balanced scorecards, etc. Today, it’s all about analytics and everybody does it to some degree, but it’s really back to decision support for managing business performance!

In speaking with one of our clients recently, they mentioned having to sometimes tell others in the organization “we just need to GET ANSWERS QUICKLY.” Navigating the never-ending supply of healthcare data and making fact-based decisions is, without a doubt, a multi-billion dollar consequence to most of our clients. Although our data consumers want everything fully web and mobile and wish anything they ever wanted to know could instantaneously appear at their fingertips at a touch of button—sometimes getting back to the basics is the most practical solution. I’m talking about Microsoft Excel—and its ability to publish, communicate, calculate and help data consumers solve business problems and make decisions quickly and efficiently.

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