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Posted on July 20, 2022

Visualizing Patient Access for Improved Outcomes

Learn how to transform tables and queries into visually appealing interactive dashboards which highlight areas with the greatest opportunities to increase capacity and improve access to providers. Understand how visualizing data from your system along with incorporating data from external datasets can provide the compelling evidence needed to manage change effectively and strengthen the practice. We discuss how people, processes, and technology can come together to improve patient access and prepare the way for better outcomes.

Key topics include:

• Analyzing the connection between patient access and improved outcomes
• Understanding common inefficiencies leading to patient dissatisfaction with clinical access
• Investigating patient access processes via focused data visualization
• Identifying and quantifying the greatest opportunities for provider access improvement

Originally presented on July 13th, 2022 by Scott Everitt, VP of Healthcare Solutions, and Nicholas Rodrigues, National Sales Manager.

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