Identify and Manage Hidden Denials Through Analytics and Visualizations

Posted on July 1, 2019

Learn how to analyze denials data using analytics and visualizations to recover lost healthcare revenue.

In recent studies, claims denial rates ranged from 6% to 21% of revenue collections within physician practices. What is often not included in these rates are the hidden denials lurking within the details of the billing and reimbursement systems. Applying analytic techniques and visualization of data provides a focused view of denials and allows for the development of strategies to treat those reasons and quantify the results of recoveries and lost revenues.

In this webinar, we demonstrate how to analyze denials to determine causes, complications, and projected recoverable revenue. Using visualizations to illustrate causes and outcomes engages staff to become sleuths looking for new solutions.

Originally presented on June 19, 2019 by Practical Data Solutions’ Russell Hendrickson, CEO, and Becky Cook, Executive Consultant. WATCH ON YOUTUBE

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