Every Dollar Counts – Maximizing Denial Recovery

Posted on March 4, 2021

Fee recovery from denied claims is a critical strategy healthcare practices must have to safeguard profitability; however, executing a denial recovery plan is far more complicated than merely setting a billing staff goal. Teams need to track denial patterns, understand transactional activity AFTER the denial, and formulate an appeals process that includes measurable results. An effective analytics platform, along with highly targeted and organized visualizations, will support a practice’s revenue integrity efforts.

We discuss key strategies to maximize the denials recovery process, track successes and weak areas, and ensure your practice is in the optimal position for financial strength.

Webcast topics include:

  • Essential categorization of denials into meaningful groups
  • Analysis of recovery successes and failures from different angles
  • Departmental causes and corrections with focused dashboards
  • Implications of recovery efforts on cashflow
  • Financial benefits of incorporating prevention efforts

Originally recorded on February 24, 2021. WATCH ON YOUTUBE

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