Rethinking Physician Compensation in a Data-Driven Practice

Posted on May 6, 2022

Healthcare organizations striving to enhance their data-driven strategies are up against their own unique challenges to keep staff, leadership, and care teams focused on metrics that drive improvement. Successfully managing Provider Compensation – often the largest expense for a practice – is a complex process often tied to KPIs that may not be in sync with current organizational goals. A new way of thinking is needed to bridge the significant gap between analytics and compensation that most practices face today.

In this webinar, we will explore the challenges involved with fostering an organizational culture that is truly data-driven. We will discuss the intricacy and necessity of timely and accurate physician compensation reporting to create organization-wide transparency and trust that nurtures physician buy-in. We will also help practices identify areas where compensation may not align with goals and initiatives and how even minor tweaks to compensation plans can have a major impact on driving the organization forward.

Key topics include:

  • Supporting a culture that fosters your data-driven organization
  • How outdated compensation plan metrics and methodologies can sabotage key practice initiatives
  • The need for physicians and management to have timely, relevant data to keep them on course
  • Overcoming mistrust and dissatisfaction when modifying compensation plans


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