Posted on November 14, 2023

Join PDS on Jan. 24, 2024, at 12:00 PM for an AAOE (American Alliance of Orthopedic Executives) webinar. Discover how adopting a data-driven mindset can revolutionize your orthopedic operations leading to enhanced productivity and financial success. In this informative webinar from Practical Data Solutions (PDS), we will delve into three pivotal areas to maximize your revenue: Increasing Volume, Enhancing Reimbursement, and Accelerating Payment Processes.

This session will help you understand where you can focus performance improvements to optimize physicians’ schedules, benchmark visit-to-procedure ratios, and other key productivity metrics. Grasp the critical role of quick and accurate billing in getting paid faster, from patients to insurance companies. Explore ways to negotiate better payer contracts, monitor compliance with current payers, and reduce denials, ensuring you are reimbursed fully and promptly.

Throughout the session, we will showcase how data visualization can preemptively answer questions, benchmark performance for continuous improvement, identify outliers, and uncover financial opportunities to propel your Orthopedic practice forward. Join us to transform your practice’s financial health with actionable, data-driven strategies.

Learning Objectives:
• Explore ways to negotiate better payer contracts
• Discover how data can help benchmark performance, identify outliers and uncover financial opportunities
• Understand where you can focus performance improvements to optimize physicians’ schedules

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Russell Hendrickson, President & CEO, Practical Data Solutions

Russell J. Hendrickson, CEO, assists healthcare organizations in amplifying their use of analytics, data visualizations, and enterprise-level data warehousing. His innovative approaches play a pivotal role in propelling organizational performance improvements, especially when addressing intricate challenges in healthcare. Hendrickson is actively involved in the evolution of technologies, emphasizing practical approaches to best practice data-driven analytics. With over 25 years in management and healthcare, he has traveled nationally to collaborate with clients and present at both regional and national healthcare conferences.

Scott Everitt, MBA, Vice President of Healthcare Solutions, Practical Data Solutions

Scott Everitt, MBA, has spent over 24 years in the healthcare industry, holding key leadership positions in finance, clinical operations, revenue cycle management, patient access, and physician practice management. Scott has achieved significant success in his role as Vice President of Healthcare Solutions by helping clients improve operational and financial efficiency. Scott is a frequent speaker at national healthcare conferences, and on webinars and webcasts.

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