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Webinar: 2021 RVUs ~ Empowering Healthcare Users with Self-Service Analytics


Calculating 2021 RVUs for analysis and comparative purposes is only part of today's healthcare analytics challenges. Effectively empowering those who need the information is now a vital and timely goal.

"Self-service analytics" means the right users have the right information at the right time; however, many organizations deal with roadblocks when trying to access data. A transparent analytics strategy can ensure users have the insight and training to retrieve and manage key critical metrics. This webinar will take you from guided analytics for casual data users to the more powerful OLAP functionality for key power users. See the crucial role web-based visualizations can play in your organization and explore the power of automated Excel dashboard generation.

Key Topics include:

• Multiple Sets of RVUs for Effective Management in 2021
• OLAP Technology for Quick Slice-and-Dice of Data
• Role of Security in Guided Analytics
• Reports with Prompts
• Interactive Visualizations vs Excel Dashboards

Join us on May 26th, 2021, at 1PM Eastern (NYC) as we discuss how automation and standardization are essential to answer today's data analytics questions and tomorrow's unknowns. Presented by Michele Perry, VP of Service Delivery & Web Analytics and Russell J. Hendrickson, CEO at Practical Data Solutions.


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