Maximize your understanding and usage of Practical Data Solutions’ products and services through our Workshops, Academy Training, and Custom Training.



Our online Workshops provide a high-level overview and understanding of Practical Data Solutions (PDS) products and specific trends in data analytics for healthcare organizations. Generally 45 minutes in length, these sessions are designed to acquaint attendees with PDS best practices in data modeling, reporting and visualization and how to maximize the value of analytic products and solutions.

Academy Training

For clients seeking more in-depth training than is offered in our Workshops, we offer our Academy Training series. Presented in a lecture-style format, these online classes will instruct end users on PDS products and PDS best practice content including PDS iMPower, PDS DASH, and Patient Access and Denials Management. We also offer Academy Training Courses on other leading analytics platforms such as IBM Cognos, MicroStrategy and Tableau.

The class offerings range from beginner classes for new users just learning the tools or those who need a refresher, to advanced classes for users looking to learn the advanced functionality of PDS solutions. Best practices in Excel, web-based dashboard design, reporting and PDS data sets are examples of the topics covered. Our specific class areas of focus change quarterly and are listed in each Academy Training class description below.

A PDS product license is required to attend Academy Training. 

Custom Training

Custom training is available for new clients as part of implementation, or upon client request. These classes deliver the most in-depth and hands-on experience in the PDS Education Program. Client-specific classes are highly interactive with time allotted for specific exercises using the organization’s data set. We can design a specific curriculum for your organization’s unique needs.

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February 2021

  • Functions to Enhance the PDS iMPower Experience - Academy Training*

    February 23, 2021 | 1pm Eastern (NYC)

    Ensure you are on your game! Refresh your skills or learn some of the most important PDS iMPower functions to enhance how you interact with and create reports. During the training, we will review how these functions, such as page-by, pivot buttons and merge/lock rows, can simplify your reports. In addition, the class will cover how to use existing attributes for better reporting by working with filter forms, rolling months and attribute forms.

  • PDS Workshop: Delivering Dashboards - Understanding PDS Portal and PDS Distributor

    February 25, 2021 | 1pm Eastern (NYC)

    There are two main tools for delivering PDS DASH dashboards: PDS Portal and PDS Distributor. Learn how these tools can push or post dashboards for quick access by users. You will understand how dashboards can be emailed, moved to folders, or posted via web and “announced”. Learn how PDS Distributor can add significant value for other web distribution portals like Microsoft SharePoint. Bursting reports from PDS iMPower or Cognos Analytics for distribution with PDS Portal is also discussed.

 *A PDS Product License is Required

 March 2021

  • PDS iMPower I - Academy Training*

    March 9, 2021 | 1pm Eastern (NYC)

    Get started with PDS iMPower, our web-based analytics solution powered by the MicroStrategy BI suite, by learning the basics necessary for analyzing data in reports. During Class I, learn to navigate through the tool, create new reports and perform basic report options (sorting, drill-to-detail, working with pivot buttons, page by and filtering) as well as how to export data.

  • PDS Advanced Denials - Academy Training*

    March 10, 2021 | 1pm Eastern (NYC)

    Management of denials is not always exciting to discuss, but when left unchecked, denials can lead some organizations to lose up to 20% of their reimbursement. Additionally, the staff and resources required to rework, and appeal denied claims can create significant costs and inefficiencies. The use of analytics and focused dashboards is critical to communicate effectively across the organization and highlight immediate needs for focus. In this training, you will learn how analytics and dashboards can identify critical problem areas; detail which charges are being denied, which payers are the primary deniers of your claims and what the reasons are for the denials; and identify abnormally high volumes of denials which demand immediate attention. In addition, we will discuss how analyzing patterns of denial resolutions can be used to provide organizations with the information they need to more effectively appeal claims and prevent charges from being denied upfront. We discuss steps and strategies organizations can take to implement changes in process and procedures. Learn ways organizations deal with physicians, payers, and patients to help make claim submission as clean as possible and ensure your practice is getting paid appropriately.

  • PDS iMPower II - Academy Training*

    March 11, 2021 | 1pm Eastern (NYC)

    Get started with PDS iMPower, our web-based analytics solution powered by the MicroStrategy BI suite, by learning the basics necessary for analyzing data in reports. Class II will expand on report options with topics including grouping data (derived elements), totals, calculations, and report formatting.

  • PDS Workshop: Stacking PDS DASH Projects

    March 15, 2021 | 1pm Eastern (NYC)

    If the data sources that create your dashboards need to be manually manipulated before being utilized, attend this workshop to gain an understanding of how PDS DASH projects can be combined to simplify the process. Learn on how to create one PDS DASH project to be utilized as a data source for another PDS DASH project.

  • PDS DASH I - Academy Training*

    March 16, 2021 | 1pm Eastern (NYC)

    This class will cover how to generate Excel-based dashboards using PDS DASH. Topics for Class I include a review of PDS DASH functions, project components and data source requirements. We will review the concept of Excel templates, index requirements, detail data sources and the use of cross references. We will also create sample PDS DASH projects and generate dashboards during Class I.

  • PDS DASH Power Features - Academy Training*

    March 17, 2021 | 1pm Eastern (NYC)

    This training shares power features that deliver significant value to PDS DASH. Understand how to take advantage of advanced functions and learn significant time-saving tips with this Academy Training. Key PDS DASH concepts include delete rows, summary, and common data sources and jobs. Polish your dashboards with techniques on how to bring attention to the key metrics and data fluctuations. A review of best practices for handling various data source structures is included. Learn how to bring your dashboards to the next level; topics include how to create enhanced visual interactive dashboards and how to add more details to your existing dashboards.

  • PDS DASH II - Academy Training*

    March 18, 2021 | 1pm Eastern (NYC)

    This class will cover how to generate Excel-based dashboards using PDS DASH. In Class II we will discuss the use of summary data sources, examine delete-from-rows functionality in more detail and review the various job functions. We will also work with modifying different Excel templates for use with PDS DASH.

  • PDS Patient Access - Academy Training*

    March 22, 2021 | 1pm Eastern (NYC)

    Analysis and reporting on your key scheduling KPIs are critical to your organization’s success. This class will walk you through the core reporting capabilities inherent in PDS Scheduling and PDS Patient Access (Scheduling Utilization and 3rd Next) datasets. You will learn how to work with the various cubes and data marts to identify gaps in patient access, no-show and same-day cancellation rates and probabilities, capacity issues by location and visit type, variances between 3rd Next Available appointment days (what COULD happen) and scheduling lags (what DID happen). We will also analyze the impact of overbooking, frozen, held, and blocked time periods. An additional focus will include PDS best practice dashboards for scheduling and patient access data.

  • PDS Workshop: Understanding the Power of PDS iMPower Visual Dashboards

    March 23, 2021 | 1pm Eastern (NYC)

    Web visualization is the focus of almost every healthcare organization today. Explore the significant power within the PDS iMPower Visual module. During this session, learn the basic dashboard panel functions and the key steps to creating a visual dashboard with interaction. The discussion will include migrating from your current dashboards to web-based visualization tools and how PDS DASH can speed you to results.

  • PDS iMPower Advanced - Academy Training*

    March 25, 2021 | 1pm Eastern (NYC)

    Whether you are a new or existing iMPower super (professional) user, the iMPower Advanced Academy Training course will cover the topics needed to create advanced reports. During the class learn how to create non-cube reports and utilize advanced filters. Learn to create prompts which allow users to easily filter reports on the fly. Custom groups will be reviewed to allow you to group attributes in various ways to bring your report creation to the next level. A variety of advanced formatting options will be reviewed, including advanced thresholds, providing the flexibility to personalize your reports based on an attribute or metric qualification. Learn to schedule reports through subscription services, automating the delivery of reports you regularly generate.

  • PDS Workshop: Best Practice Denials and Revenue Cycle Metrics

    March 30, 2021 | 1pm Eastern (NYC)

    Understand the key metrics available in PDS Revenue Cycle data model and take a deep dive into PDS Advanced Denial module. See how PDS Revenue Cycle tools can highlight key financial trends, provide greater insight into Reimbursement, and provide strategies for denial prevention and recovery. Learn how effective usage can help pinpoint and resolve key issues costing your organization revenue.

 *A PDS Product License is Required


To register for a training or workshop, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating the session(s) you wish to attend. 


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