PDS Revenue Cycle analytics provide detailed insights via focused datasets, point-and-click functionality, and drill-to-detail analysis to ensure profitability and balance in your organization. Our tools go beyond volumes and receivables to include RVU productivity, detailed reimbursement analysis, payment lag, days in A/R, denial recovery rates, and much more. Find out why so many organizations use PDS Revenue Cycle analytics to improve efficiency and optimize revenue.

At a glance:

  • Matched reimbursement, percentage of Medicare, payer time to payment
  • Days in A/R and trended A/R aging
  • Clean claim and denial recovery rates with days to pay
  • Physician Productivity reporting


If you can’t measure your collections after appealed denials, odds are your organization is losing significant revenue. PDS Denial Recovery analysis allows you to focus your recovery efforts on the payers and procedures that will maximize your profitability while helping you correct operational challenges that lead to significant financial loss.

At a glance:

  • Analyze and identify major changes in denials
  • Calculate denial recovery rate by CPT
  • Identify top rejection sources within the organization
  • Focus recovery efforts to maximize reimbursement
  • Measure effectiveness of denial prevention strategies

Visualize Your Provider Healthcare Metrics


Precision meets automation. PDS PhyComp simplifies physician compensation reporting, eliminating manual errors and delays. No matter what type of compensation plan your healthcare organization is using today—RVU-based, collection-based, value-based care, or other compensation calculations—PDS PhyComp is flexible enough to handle your unique reporting needs. Learn more at

At a glance:

  • Compile compensation metrics to accurately calculate compensation in an automated fashion
  • Efficiently publish comprehensive dashboards and reports for providers and leadership teams
  • Quickly analyze outliers to understand adherence to compliance standards
  • Optionally expand the system into a complete physician productivity solution


PDS RVU Enhancer delivers accurate RVUs regardless of the billing or analytics software currently in use. Working from your CPT data, this service accurately calculates RVUs based upon CMS values and includes custom overrides, exclusions, or additional logic to ensure the RVUs are tuned to your organizational standards. Blending custom RVUs and your current KPIs allows ease in publishing Physician Compensation and Productivity reports that combine benchmarks, budgets, and other key productivity measures. Reports that include accurate RVUs provide physicians with valuable, comparative context to assess and self-manage their performance.

At a glance:

  • Provides comparative RVUs
  • Integrates and analyzes data pulled from different reporting tools to automate blending RVUs with other KPIs
  • Delivers accurate RVUs regardless of the billing or analytics software currently in use
  • Blends data from multiple systems resulting in consistent RVUs


Measuring provider KPIs is critical to the success of your physicians and your organization. PDS Physician KPI Reporting provides a tailored way to measure and manage the drivers of provider performance.

Managing provider productivity has the single highest impact on practice revenue. PDS tools allow you to focus on critical KPIs impacting revenue – including patient access, coding, patient satisfaction, and quality metrics. PDS provides administrators with powerful analytics to understand how physicians are performing and we offer easy-to-understand visual tools to present dashboards to providers for self-management.

Leverage Practical Data Solutions’ 20+ years of experience coupled with proven methodology and best practice physician dashboard designs to ensure your timely success.

At a glance:

  • Easily integrate customized RVUs for productivity
  • Blend visits and other key Patient Access metrics
  • Benchmark performance against peers and industry standards
  • Rapid deployment and modification to meet changing needs

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure


As payer contracts come up for renewal, different payers can propose different RVU-based reimbursement methodologies. PDS Payer Contract Analyzer supports the comparative analysis required to assess how each payer’s fees compare to CMS – and other payers – right down to the individual procedures. Its comprehensive data modeling, visual analytics, and payer-to-payer comparison help practices uncover the information needed to negotiate contracts and plan for proposed fee schedule changes that will impact the bottom line.

At a glance:

  • Understand current reimbursement
  • Reveal the gaps in proper payer reimbursement
  • Utilize commercial payer benchmarks to ensure fair market value for services
  • Understand proposed changes and their impact by department, specialty, procedure


With PDS General Ledger & Expense analytics, you have key information at your fingertips to ensure the financial well-being of your organization. State-of-the-art analytical and visualization tools provide a quick and simple analysis of revenue and expense details, trends, net income, and cash flow. Integration with other PDS modules correlates these key financial metrics with physician productivity and reimbursement to provide a complete financial picture.

At a glance:

  • Easily blend and correlate revenue, expenses, budgets, payroll, and cash flow to tell the whole story
  • Understand and analyze key drivers with essential expense ratios
  • Automate the preparation and distribution of monthly financial statements
  • Provides a single interface to financial and revenue cycle reporting


Managing financial health, cost of care and quality is critical in a competitive healthcare environment. PDS Hospital Revenue Cycle analytics provide facilities detailed insights via focused datasets, point-and-click functionality, and drill-to-detail analysis to assure profitability and transparency within your organization. PDS tools are designed to provide insights into critical hospital metrics that are challenging to obtain through most systems packaged reporting.

At a glance:

  • Detailed charge transactions
  • Matched reimbursement, DRG reimbursement, payer time to payment
  • Days in A/R and trended A/R aging
  • Clean claim, and denial recovery rates with days to pay
  • Payments and adjustments on a cash or accrual basis
  • Length of stay metrics

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Healthcare Operational Analytics

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Healthcare Financial Analytics

We help clients leverage analytics to achieve significant financial gains through volume and productivity improvement, reimbursement increases, cashflow enhancements, and denial recoveries.

Clinical & Quality Analytics

Use fine-tuned analytics to understand the needs of various patient populations against your organization’s best practice clinical standards.

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