OB/GYN Group Breaks Free from Floundering Reporting Process

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Athena, Excel

We finally have the dashboards we’ve been looking for.


A thriving OB/GYN group knew that they were rapidly outgrowing their manual reporting process. Their understaffed analytics department was required to do a tremendous amount of manual work in Excel and were failing to keep up with reporting demands. The department could not even consider tackling the additional reporting initiatives coming from upper management without first getting a handle on their current reporting process.


The understaffed department happily worked with the team at PDS to implement PDS DASH to automate the gathering, staging, and blending of their data. Relieved from all the manual Excel work, the BI team worked with PDS to enhance and expand their reporting initiatives, building new templates and projects in PDS DASH to automate the creation of accurate, monthly physician productivity reports. PDS Distributor streamlined their report distribution efforts by automating the process of emailing reports to over 80 providers regionally. Their analytics department went from errors-and-struggle to ease-and-expansion in its reporting efforts within two months of implementation.

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