Bringing Academic Benchmarks and Context to Patient Access Dashboards

Data From:

Athena, Epic, FPSC benchmarks

Being able to clearly see our KPIs against industry benchmarks has been critical to driving performance gains around scheduling.


An Academic Medical Center using legacy scheduling systems and a manual patient access reporting process realized that difficulties incorporating external benchmarks severely limited its ability to measure performance against industry best practices around scheduling. Because they were using two different scheduling systems, this amplified their reporting challenges due to the differences in metrics.


The experienced PDS team of data modelers worked to stage the Center’s scheduling data and desired external benchmarks for their unique reporting initiatives. Using PDS iMPower’s Patient Access module, the organization gained powerful capabilities to standardize and analyze their scheduling data blended from two different systems. They could now slice-and-dice through KPIs and use drill-to-detail features for in-depth analysis. They also accessed additional metric points they couldn’t get at previously, including time-to-appointment and bump ratios. By implementing PDS Distributor, their providers now receive monthly insightful scheduling and productivity reports delivered right to their inbox, allowing staff to monitor and manage their performance.

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