Regional Hospital Tackles Integrating a Plethora of Data Sets

Data From:

Meditech, Athena, Press Ganey

The library of templates offered by PDS has been key to our ability to quickly publish focused dashboards.


A Regional Hospital found itself challenged with successfully blending data from disparate data sets, including scheduling, patient satisfaction, benchmarks, and quality metrics, to produce accurate and insightful Provider Productivity reports. Trying to process copious amounts of data manually using Excel resulted in a complex, time-consuming procedure that was error-prone and could not meet reporting demands. They also lacked automation in sending dashboards to providers and leadership, resulting in spotty report distribution.


The team at PDS worked with the hospital’s reporting team to help them establish an efficient process to gather, stage, and model data from the disparate systems into the PDS DASH tool. Together they designed a set of PDS DASH templated dashboards built to the hospital’s unique specifications. PDS DASH now automates generating their Provider Productivity reports and the data can be seamlessly refreshed and updated monthly, eliminating manual errors. Additionally, by attending PDS ongoing training classes, the hospital implemented new reporting best practices. They have also taken advantage of the PDS Dashboard Library of report templates to expand and improve on their reporting initiatives. PDS Distributor streamlined their report distribution efforts and eliminated errors by automating the process of emailing reports.

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