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With over 20 years of experience, organizations use PDS products and services for focused revenue strategies, denial recovery, optimizing patient access, scoring patient risk, calculating RVUs, and automating physician compensation - among other best practices.

Reanalyzing Payer Contracts in Today's Healthcare Landscape

In 2021, CMS made significant modifications to RVU calculations and how certain telehealth codes are reimbursed. There are two critical questions regarding these changes that practices need to examine to ensure optimum reimbursement – is CMS reimbursing the practice accurately, and are commercial payers reimbursing services appropriately?

In this webinar, PDS will uncover how payer contract data modeling, along with the use of visual analytics, can help practices precisely understand how payers are reimbursing for key procedures – now, and in the future.


Physician Compensation

Physician Compensation

PDS Compensation Analytics and Dashboards are designed to communicate productivity, performance, and quality-based compensation plans and calculations specific to your organization’s compensation model. Leveraging proven methodologies with state-of-the-art automation software, care providers have access to simple, visual, easy-to-understand insights into their personal performance against the required metrics and KPIs that impact how they are compensated.

Revenue Cycle Analytics

Revenue Cycle Analytics

PDS Revenue Cycle analytics provide detailed insights via focused datasets, point-and-click functionality and drill-to-detail analysis to ensure profitability and balance in your organization. Our tools go beyond volumes and receivables to include RVU productivity, detailed reimbursement analysis, payment lag, days in A/R, denial recovery rates, and much more. Find out why so many organizations use PDS Revenue Cycle analytics to improve efficiency and optimize revenue.

DenialsRecovery Analysis

Recovery Analysis

DENIALS RECOVERY ANALYSIS If you can’t measure your collections after appealed denials, odds are your organization is losing significant revenue. PDS Denial recovery analysis allows you to focus your recovery efforts on the payers and procedures that will maximize your profitability, while helping you correct operational challenges that lead to significant financial loss.
PDS RVU Enhancer

PDS RVU Enhancer

Accurate RVUs. Delivered

The PDS RVU Enhancer delivers accurate RVUs regardless of the billing or analytics software currently in use. Working from your CPT data, this service accurately calculates RVUs based upon CMS values and includes custom overrides, exclusions or additional logic to ensure the RVUs are tuned to your organizational standards.

Blending custom RVUs and your current KPIs allows ease in publishing Physician Compensation and Productivity reports that combine benchmarks, budgets, and other key productivity measures. Reports that include accurate RVUs provide physicians with valuable, comparative context to assess and self-manage their performance..

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In a World of Web Visualization, Why Excel?

Learn how your healthcare organization can take advantage of today’s leading-edge web analytics solutions while also including Excel as an effective strategy in delivering key information.

In this webinar, we explore the power of the latest visualization tools to understand the advantages, required resources for migration, and success factors. We’ll also discuss best practices using Excel along with tips in finding the right analytics solution to balance an organization’s unique financial and reporting requirements.

Creating a Strong ROI for Enhancing Analytics

Learn how improvements in data extraction, reporting, and visual analytics can deliver measurable fiscal improvements. See case studies where PDS clients have leveraged their analytical capabilities to achieve significant financial gains through volume and productivity improvement, reimbursement increases, cashflow enhancements, and denial recoveries.

Healthcare organizations often hesitate to invest in analytics improvement projects due to budgetary concerns. However, with forward-thinking and the proper benefits assessment of analytical and automation tools, enhancement efforts can offer quantifiable ROI results.



Upcoming Webinar

Reanalyzing Payer Contracts in
Today's Healthcare Landscape

In this webinar, PDS will uncover how payer contract data modeling, along with the use of visual analytics, can help practices precisely understand how payers are reimbursing for key procedures – now, and in the future.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021, at 1pm ET


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