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We offer Healthcare Analytics Solutions

Healthcare Operational Analytics

Operations-focused solutions designed for use with your organization’s preferred analytics software platform or integrated into your Enterprise Data Warehouse initiative.

Healthcare Financial Analytics

We help clients leverage analytics to achieve significant financial gains through volume and productivity improvement, reimbursement increases, cashflow enhancements, and denial recoveries.

Clinical & Quality Analytics

Use fine-tuned analytics to understand the needs of various patient populations against your organization’s best practice clinical standards.


Each month, we will share a PDS best practice dashboard from our proven library and discuss design features and key metrics that support data-driven professionals. Visit to download a clean copy of the latest dashboard of the month.

A proactive approach to patient scheduling can help drive a practice’s overall financial and operational wellness. In our January Dashboard of the Month video, Scott Everitt, MBA, VP of Healthcare Solutions, discusses metrics that help gain greater insight into your organization’s current scheduling processes.

Watch now! PDS Appointment Source Dashboard

Case Studies

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

PDS Helps Specialty Clinic Maximize Physician Productivity

A multidisciplinary physical medicine organization discovered that the reporting delivered from their practice management system offered limited information and was frequently incorrect. They also lacked an understanding of their metrics which slowed their ability to grow the practice. They engaged Practical Data Solutions to steer them towards insightful and accurate analytics focused on physician productivity.

Streamlining a Health System’s Contract Analysis Process

A southern health system was faced with a cumbersome and ineffective payer contract and reimbursement analysis process. Working with the team at PDS to implement PDS Contract Analyzer, they were able to easily quantify the full financial impact of proposed fee schedule changes while also anticipating potential risks in the future.

OB/GYN Group Breaks Free from Floundering Reporting Process

An understaffed business intelligence department at a regional OB/GYN group needed to create and distribute reports for various providers and practices but lacked the time and resources to do so accurately or efficiently. They leveraged PDS DASH to automate the creation of accurate, monthly physician productivity reports while streamlining report distribution to over 80 providers regionally.

Regional Hospital Tackles Integrating a Plethora of Data Sets

A Regional Hospital found themselves challenged to successfully blend and report on data from numerous disparate data sets to produce accurate and insightful Provider Productivity reports. PDS DASH now automates generating their Provider Productivity reports, and these dashboards are seamlessly refreshed and updated monthly, eliminating manual errors.

Bringing Academic Benchmarks and Context to Patient Access Dashboards

An Academic Medical Center struggled to compare its Patient Access performance against peer organizations’ benchmarks. Using PDS iMPower’s Patient Access module, the organization gained powerful capabilities to standardize and analyze their scheduling data blended from two different systems.

Automating Physician Productivity Dashboard Production

A specialty clinic with over 60 providers was manually building physician productivity dashboards. By collaborating with PDS, they were able to automate dashboard production, deliver improved visualizations, and provide physicians and leadership quick and secure access to reports.

Product Spotlight

Patient Access &
Scheduling Utilization

Key Features and Benefits

  • Understanding current availability and capacity
  • Analyzing provider reschedules and bump
  • Comparing and benchmarking utilization
  • Managing patient perception of access


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