PDS Consulting Services

Within data, there are facts, and these facts are answers to questions. However, sometimes organizations do not fully understand the right questions to ask.  By applying best-practice analytics, the answers to questions become clearer.  By exploring and interacting with data, the right questions to ask become abundant.  At PDS, we take a data-centric management approach to the consulting services we offer.  Our philosophy has always been to teach our clients how to fish, not just give them a fish, and we use this tactical methodology to provide consulting services.

PDS Strategic Consulting Services can assist clients in many areas:

  • Identify the greatest opportunity for performance improvement in the revenue cycle and measure the financial impact of underperformance.
  • Measure scheduling utilization efficiency and understand the effect on patient access.
  • Model proposed payer fee schedules to understand net financial impact on payer contracting, using historical data.
  • Dissect the business need to identify appropriate performance metrics, units of measure and relative benchmarks, and fuse the data-staging requirements to support performance management using analytics and reporting.
  • Apply statistical forecasting, using historical data to understand the implications of ACO and risk contracting.

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